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Published by in Latest News · 23 February 2019
Many believe vision loss is an inevitable part of ageing, with very few strategies available for prevention and treatment. While one in three Ontarians will have some form of vision-threatening eye disease by age 65, the reality is that 80 per cent of vision loss is preventable.

Under the care of an optometrist, many eye diseases can be managed before permanent vision loss occurs, and other treatments, including rehabilitation, can be implemented when vision loss is not preventable.

“That’s why regular comprehensive eye exams with our office is so important, especially as we age and become more susceptible to vision-threatening diseases, “An optometrist will detect the earliest stages of eye diseases, many of which are symptomless.”

The OAO recommends that seniors receive comprehensive eye exams every year, which are covered by OHIP starting at age 65.

Is it too late?
In some cases, seniors who have already started to experience vision loss and low vision will find that nothing can be done to reverse the damage. While this is painful to hear, optometrists can offer a variety of strategies and solutions to help maintain quality of life.

While ageing is inevitable, it does not necessarily equate to low vision and irreversible vision loss. Likewise, an eye disease diagnosis is not the end of an active lifestyle. Early detection, treatment and medical and technological advancements make it possible to preserve both vision and an active lifestyle.

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