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May is Vision Health Month

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Published by in Eye Health · 29 April 2019
May is Vision Health Month

Vision  Health Month is the perfect  time to remind everyone to take care of  their eye health and see their  optometrist to make sure their vision  lasts a lifetime !

The Ontario Association of Optmetrists is launching its Eyescuses Campaign which calls on Onatrians to stop making excuses and to book and eye exam with their local optometrist.

As part of the Eyescused Campaign, Ontarians will learn more about their eye health and see the value of comprehensive eye exams through fun, informative announcements on Go trains, Tim Hortons TV, Kiss FM, Breakfast Televsion, Blue Jays radio and much more.

Vison Health Month is a time to raise awareness about eye health and the steps to prevent vison loss. A regular eye exam by a Optometrist at our clinic is the best way to stay on top of your eye health.

Did you know that 1 in 7 Canadians will develp a serious eye disease in their lifetime ?

Yet 75 % of vision loss can be prevented or treated with proper care.

A comprehensive eye exam can also detect potentially life threatening conditions, like brain tumours, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Also check out the latest eye health Video !

Click the link to see our past Videos !

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