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Is Parkinson’s detectable through eye exam?

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Published by in Eye Health · 18 February 2019
It's neither an avant-garde brain scan nor invasive test that could  revolutionize detection of Parkinson's disease among asymptomatic  patients, but routine imaging found in the office of a doctor of  optometry.

New research published  details how the in vivo diagnostic imaging afforded by optical  coherence tomography (OCT) may help detect miniscule retinal changes  associated with Parkinson's long before the first symptoms become  evident.

The eye is a direct extension of the brain. We as doctors of optometry are looking at brain tissue with each examination we conduct.

In other words, OCT's ability to provide an  accurate and noninvasive cross-sectional view of living tissue directly  related to the brain, and its widespread availability and use among eye  doctors, could make it invaluable to determining effective intervention timing for this neurodegenerative disease.

Using the eye as a proxy for  neural health isn't a novel supposition—it's a fast-evolving realm of  scientific inquiry, especially as brain diseases and injuries take  center stage.

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