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Antihistamine Releaseing Contact Lens

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Published by in Eye Health · 9 September 2019
Antihistamine Releasing Contact Lens

Johnson and Johnson Vision is working to develop an antihistamine releasing contact lens that's aimed
at correcting vision, while reducing eye itch from allergies.

More than 20 percent of the population experience ocular allery, or itchy eys, and the condition can
have a significant impact on productivity or quality of life.

The primary symptom of ocular allery is indeed itch - with eye-rubbing causing both and exacerbation
of allergic symptoms.

Often contact lens wearers resort to suffering through or removing their lenses which is nerver
if contact lenses are their preferred way to correct vision.

Ocular allergy can be seasonal or perennial and occur when people are exposed to allergens such as trees or grass pollen, pet dander and dust.

Research data has showed both a clinically and statistically meaningful reduction in itch, allergy eyes
with the antihistamine-releasing contact lens compared to a non-medicated lens.

Furthur studies are needed in hope of providing a new category of contact lens in helping with ocular allergies.

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