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Increase outdoor activities and help maintain your child’s eyesight

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Published by in Eye Health · 9 April 2019
Increase outdoor activities and help maintain your child’s eyesight

Children now spend less time than ever before playing outdoors, which results in a increased prevalence of myopia (nearsightedness).

  This has resulted in a "epidemic" of myopia affecting children in Canada.

At the root of this problem are screens such as tablets and cell phones that play a role in the deterioration of children's eye health.

A recent study looked at the time children spent in outdoor activities in relation to myopia prevention and control . This study revealed that an increase in time spent outdoors was found to have a protective effect for the onset of myopia (helps to prevent myopia in children).

  The study showed that an increase in around one hour per day is needed to obtain a 50% reduction in myopia in children.

The important thing is to balance the type of activities, between reading, using tablets and cellphones, and those taking place outside that do not involve near vision. All outdoor activities are good to preserve the eye health of children year-round.

Don’t forget that it is recommended children wear sunglasses, while outdoors, to protect their eyes from ultraviolet rays. The benefits of outdoor light are preserved even with sunglasses.

Our office recommends the following tips to counter the negative effects of using screens on children’s eye health:

  Encourage children to play outside as often as possible.
  Have children eyes examined by our optometrist's by the age of  2-5 years of age and annually 6-19        years.
  Limit the use of screens to 1 hour per day until the age of 9 years.
  Breaks no later than after 60 minutes of use.

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