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Signs of a Vision Problem in your Child

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Published by in Eye Health · 3 October 2019
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Signs of a Vision Problem in your Child

Did you know that vision problems not only impact a child’s ability to perform in school, but also in their daily activities outside of the classroom? Look out for these warning signs :

Vision signs:

   Squinting or blinking often
   Eye rubbing
   Tilting the head to the side on a frequent basis
   Covering one eye
   One eye that turns out or in
   Reporting double vision

Behavioral signs:

   Complaining of headaches, nausea, or eye fatigue
   Poor hand-eye coordination
   Short attention span
   Avoids reading or any activity that requires close work
   Behavioral issues that stem from frustration
   Poor performance in academics and athletics
   Experiences problems catching a ball
   Appears clumsy or frequently bumps into things or drops things

It’s common for children to think that their vision is normal, and therefore they often won’t report their symptoms to their parents or teachers.

Only a comprehensive eye exam can detect eye health and vision issues before it’s too late, because some conditions won’t show any obvious signs or symptoms.

Early detection allows for an optometrist to successfully treat common conditions like amblyopia (lazy eye) and strabismus (misaligned eyes), which are best managed while a child is still young.

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