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The Scary Health Risks of Wearing Halloween Cosmetic Contact Lenses

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Published by in Eye Health · 21 October 2019
The Scary Health Risks of Wearing Halloween Cosmetic Contact Lenses

Every year at Halloween there is a rush of people looking to add a  spooky finishing touch to their costume by wearing cosmetic contact  lenses. However, few know of the serious effects they can have on your  eyes – haunting you long after October 31.

People  often believe that cosmetic contact lenses don’t require the same level  of care as standard contact lenses because they can purchase them  over-the-counter at their local convenience store or retail outlet  without a prescription.

“This  is dangerously far from the truth,”  “Cosmetic contact  lenses are medical devices and when they are not tailored by an  optometrist to fit the contour of your eyes correctly they can increase  the risk of serious eye health issues, even if only worn once for a  Halloween costume.”

It's  important to have an eye examination before wearing any kind of contact  lenses, to ensure you are a good candidate. Irreversible damage can be  caused if used incorrectly or purchased without the guidance of an  optometrist. Some health risks include; eye irritation, conjunctivitis  (pink eye), corneal ulcers, vision loss and even blindness.

“Contact  lenses are not a “one-size-fits-all” , “That why it’s important to recognize the health risks  involved when choosing to wear contact lenses without a prescription.”

To  decrease the risks associated with wearing cosmetic contact lenses,  speak with an optometrist at our office first.

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