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How To Protect Yourself FromUltra-Violet Rays During The Winter Months

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Published by in Eye Health · 9 November 2019
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How To Protect Yourself FromUltra-Violet Rays During The Winter Months

Vision experts say the sun's punishing ultra-violet rays are just as intense in the cold winter months as during the summer, despite fewer hours of total sunlight.
And that doesn't take into consideration the reflection of the sun's rays on snow-covered roads, hills and fields.

Up to 80 per cent of UV comes through on a cloudy day and up to 80 per cent of that UV is reflected off of snow.

Polarized lenses enhance a person's vision by reducing glare. This, in turn, can provide for clearer vision, better colour perception and reduced eye fatigue.
Polarized lenses are your best line of defence in keeping your eyes protected and getting the most out of those long, Canadian winters.

Here are some tips;
First, always wear sunglasses even on a cloudy day.

Look for UV 400 and ask your optometrist for UV-protected contact lenses.

UV levels are higher at higher altitudes, so UV exposure can be even greater for skiers on a mountain than it is at sea level during a tropical beach vacation.

Only polarized sunglasses lenses have the technology to selectively reduce the brightness of reflected light rays. Light travels in many directions and it reflects randomly off shiny surfaces. The glare will impair your quality of vision.

And what about the kids ?
They need the same protection as adults.

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